In studio

So you’re a musician but you want to take it farther than performing? Well, I don’t blame you, me too. Thankfully, this is quite doable no matter what your budget, and should definitely be done if interested.

Studio recording is a great experience. It’s fun, if not a bit nerve-wracking, and feels amazing. From the moment you step inside and look around at all the gear, to the time you step into the soundproof booth and put on the headphones, you will be in awe. I’ve gone into the studio at least half a dozen times, and I’m always blown away by my surroundings.

Perhaps more amazing is what happens afterwards. In my experience, they let you sit with them while they mix and master. Now that the hard part is over, it’s quite something to sit and watch as your halfway decent performance transforms with subtle effects and minor changes. It’s surprising how much they can alter things, too. Studios make people take more than one take or recording of a song for a reason, and that reason is so that they can splice things together if need be. Once done, the final product never ceases to blow me away, and that’s saying something seeing as how I really don’t like listening to my own voice.

If you don’t want to go somewhere to record, it isn’t impossible to create a studio at home either. The best part is that it doesn’t really even have to be soundproof. With the right software and hardware you can do surprisingly well in a quiet room. While I don’t recommend it for every person and every situation, it’s something to take a look at, at the very least. Personally, I go into the studio when I have the time and money, and they can fit me into the schedule. When I can’t, I make do with my own setup and that usually does just fine, minus the fact that it takes me much longer to do the mastering than it would for a studio worker.

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  10. Jerry – I know that Danny went through some difficult times with SHU fans when he was a player at The Hall. Does he harbor resentment / ill will towards the university and or its administration? One would think that an alumnus of the university would take pride and want to better the school in which they came from. Clearly you have to be objective, as a reporter, but I would imagine / hope that you are a SHU fan, as you’re an alum!

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  14. Would anyone on Wolfe Island be willing to lend the installation to Haldimand? I’m sure we could have an art show here in a field nearby. Let me know by replying to this comment and maybe we could do something. So poignant. This should travel across Ontario. There is also a beautiful metal sculpture that was displayed in Pickton entitled “Prince Edward County before Wind turbines and another in the same gallery of ugly rusted turbines. An art show would really bring awareness.

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  60. Bo- I hear you. Concern over Seguin’s progress is so overblown, it gets annoying. I really don’t think the process is as delicate as some people seem to think. As if he plays his second year on the wing he will develop into a great center. It’s bogus. He’s an elite talent, head on straight, getting stronger, on a Cup winning team surrounded by great veterans,coaches, management. He’s gonna be fine.

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  65. The trolling of "BOO" is getting tiresome. I thought he'd give up after his initial display (it is almost certainly a he) but evidently he feels the need to troll. The SF Bay shooter at Oikos wasn't white; the shooter at Appalachian School of Law was an honest-to-God Nigerian immigrant. I know it's easier to pound the table than to candidly assess the true "gun violence" problem in this nation, but at least try to get some of your narrative right.

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