Live music concerts- the best way to enjoy music


Listening to music is one thing that I love the most and often does it whenever I find time. While walking or while driving the car, I listen to music always with my iPod or a CD. Music is the only thing that can influence your mind and mood. It always makes me cheer up and helps keep my mind calm and relaxed whenever I listen to my favorite music or songs.

I enjoy live music concerts the most and feel that it is the best way to listen to music. Going to live concerts gives the most joy and happiness when seeing my favorite band or artist perform live. I have mostly been to the live concerts of country-folk style music which beings live a incredible atmosphere that showcases immense talents on the stage with all the surrounding effects of sound and lights. It is an amazing feel to be in a live concert surrounded by fans and lovers of music where you get lost in the music and the band’s performance. Enjoying with other people and taking to strangers that you have no connection to except the music is another great feeling.

During live concerts another thing I often notice is that the bands and artists often perform a somewhat different version of their original song on stage. In the acoustic sense, the artists might slow down the song or may speed up them up. They also would perform some other popular artist’s songs sometimes and hence the live music concert performances truly portray a totally new and different way to listen and enjoy music. Live music concerts are more enjoyable because you are discovering some new and different experiences when the band plays live while also watching your favorite artist or band members.

Everyone should definitely go to a live music concert at least once in their lifetime to feel the experience of watching their favorite star perform live on stage which I think is the best and interesting way of listening to music. Seeing live music via a concert will enable you to know how much of hard work and efforts have been put into the musical event and thus makes me feel more appreciative of my favorite musicians whose works are definitely not possible for me to do. Concerts are definitely the best place for one to enjoy music at its maximum and a great place to make new friends as well.

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